Update 1.01

I just updated the game to include an on-screen control overlay, just on the first stage.

I do, however, recommend checking the tutorial (a short one, I know everyone hates them) from the main menu to get some tips on the game.


First Reviews!!!

Three Steam curators recommended my silly little game!
Thank you guys so much!!


A few words about the gameplay

So, in ” Oops, I Slept With Your Mom” you take the role of a baby going from house to house trying to find their mommy.

Houses are semi – randomized but Mommies are always in the last room of each house. Every subsequent house has one more room than the last one, from 4 up to 9 rooms. After that the room count restarts and a new element is introduced in the game.

In order to progress you must avoid several hazards like household members,  obstacles, things that slow you down, the security system, power failures and those nasty Bedbugs.

You can shoot and kill Bedbugs to score points and replenish your lives. You can also do that by collecting Pacifiers and Baby Bottles. Baby Bottles also allow you one use of your ability, which is different for every baby.

Before you enter mommy’s room you must face all the enemies you encountered in the current house once more in a shmup like section.

You unlock each character by collecting the respective amount of Pacifiers in a single run. Note that Baby Bottles count towards that as well.

After house 30, the houses are completely randomized and from there, its a test of both luck and skill to determine how far you can get and how much you can score.

You can quit the game at any time and continue from the entrance of the last house you reached, while retaining your score and lives. If you lose all your lives though, you have to start from house one again.


Getting There

Well, I’ve more or less worked out the bugs and made some gameplay changes. Not much more left to do actually.  I will shortly be uploading updated store screenshots and a new trailer.

What ‘s next…

For the next few days i will be working on tweaks and additional content.

Oh, there ‘s also an an early trailer.